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We deliver more traffic to websites through two clear specialties:
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Social Media Advertising (SMA)

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Why use SEO?

As the world becomes more and more connected through the digital landscape, we begin to depend on Google for everything we need. Whatever we want can be found by pressing a few keys on the computer, giving us the best possible options, whether it be for the top restaurant in town or for an online store selling breath mints for kittens.

Because of this connected world, the need for businesses to show up high in the search results will become ever more important. Paying for ads has its benefits, but most people are conditioned to skip the paid ads and click on the first organic results below that. Getting online traffic through these means can translate to thousands or even millions in revenue, depending on the size of your company. The ability to drastically increase online traffic is where SEO services become a competitive edge for businesses smart enough utilize it.

No matter where you currently rank in the search results, SEO services can boost the online traffic coming to your website. If you are already the #1 result for a keyword, SEO can help by spurring all the other keywords you want but aren’t yet on top for. 

The competitive edge SEO services can provide a medium-sized company can translate to tens of thousands or even millions of dollars per year compared with not making this investment. SEO services differ from traditional online advertising and marketing methods because once a website begins to rank, it will likely remain on top, compared with paid ads, which cease in providing value as soon as you stop paying for them.

After all, 70% of all clicks are on the first three spots. If you are listed after these spots, your online potential sinks like a rock! Even if your product is 5x greater than the companies listed in the first three spots, it doesn’t matter. Being listed on the first page results can bring you more customers than you can handle… and wouldn’t that be a nice problem for a change?

Being The Morgantown SEO Company, our area of expertise lies in our real ability to bring you more attention through our marketing services. Being at the top of the search results can and will increase the revenues of your business substantially. Leaving your SEO services in the hands of amateurs is like leaving free money on the table and for this reason, you need to trust your SEO needs to a company as proficient as The Morgantown SEO Company.


Our SEO services accomplish what they do by:

  • making sure your website has a strong foundation
  • ensuring Google can even see what you want them to see
  • putting the right buzzwords in all the right places
  • adding appropriate links to your pages (not cheap backlinks link most SEO companies)

We understand which changes will make your webpage show up at the top… as well as the changes that either waste resources or worse, move you further down in the results.

The Morgantown SEO Company differs from other SEO companies in that we do not spam your websites with cheap backlinks that will only waste your money and maybe get Google to push you even further down in the search results. If you want to find out more about backlinks, check out our backlinks blog post.

Either way, I very much look forward to speaking with you and discussing the possibility of us partnering together to bring you more business.

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