The biggest error people make in SEO is thinking they can cheaply buy backlinks, from a sketchy website, and see spectacular improvements in their search results. Google isn’t a fool. As you can imagine, some of the best minds in the world work there and have developed algorithms to quickly throw out these spammy backlink sources.

1. Avoid irrelevant links

Links from unrelated websites will get your website penalized. It makes no sense to have links from irrelevant sites, from completely different niches. For example, if you an eCommerce site that sells baby clothes, links from sporting sites will not be useful.

2. Don’t be obsessed with the number of backlinks

The number of backlinks still obsesses many beginners. The truth is, the number of links you have is not important.

3. Don’t use PageRank as a metric to decide a backlink value

Google stopped updating the PageRank toolbar more than two years ago. You should NOT use PageRank as a metric to compare your backlinks value.

4. Don’t do keyword stuffing

You should never use too many keywords in your content. Write for your audience, and not for the search engines bots.

5. Don’t get links from blog networks

Blog networks are a spammy way to increase your search engine rankings. It might work for a few weeks, but eventually, you’ll be penalized. Avoid blog networks with all cost.
6. Don’t use cloaking and doorway pages

Google devalues sites that have doorway pages and use cloaking techniques.

7. Avoid sitewide backlinks

Sitewide backlinks will quickly sound an alert to Google that you are doing something suspicious.

8. Don’t write guest posts for bad sites

Don’t waste your time to write for sites that have a very bad reputation. Never write for sites that have a lower quality than yours.

9. Don’t use hidden text or links

Hidden text and links are from the 90’s. Using this technique today, will get you penalized very quickly.

10. Avoid backlinks from pages with more than one hundred external links

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